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some of it i love others ... are way too vain lol

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Sleep 3 - Ferard
"Gerard, wake up!" I woke up to the annoyance of Frank howling in my ear whilst lying down near me on my bed. I chafed my eyes and looked up to see Frank amusing himself.
"You stupid fucker!" I hit him in the face playfully. He just kept chuckling with his cute and dorky laugh. I got up from my bed; I was in my blue plaid pajama pants and a regular black shirt. I glanced at myself in the mirror. My hair was a fucking muddle. I ran my fingers through my hair; I needed a shower as well. I turned to Frank. "Wait…what are you doing here? And how did you get in?" I asked crossing my arms and tilting on my dresser with a wary grin.
"I have your key and I came to cheer you up!" He gave me a big smile and dismounted the bed. I turned back around to the mirror. "What, did something else happen?" He said almost leaving my room.
"Yeah..." I looked down and said silently. "But it's not about... Lyn-z."
He looked puzzled. "Then who is it about?"
I went to my closet and grabbed a supple white t
:iconjanerrockssocks07:janerrockssocks07 15 27
From the first moment I met you, I knew we had to be together. The way your glasses framed your sparkling hazel eyes, the way your straightened hair poked out from under that beanie, and the way that even though you were trying to avoid all attention, you commanded, no, demanded mine.
I'll wait for this moment
When our lips collide
And almost stop the earth
You're in my arms tonight
So I've come
To complicate the dead
Are you with me?
I've rewritten all my vows again
We're almost home
To see the silence break
On New Year's Eve
We're only 17
If love exists
I'll fall

The first time we kissed, it was an accident- you didn't even know you were gay.
The pounding baseline of the music fills the air, drawing unsuspecting souls in for a night of sin, lust and power. What were New Year's party's if not to lose yourself in the alcoholic stupor, in trying to forget all the mistakes you made, all the people you hurt and all the shit of the past year? Nothing really.
I, of course, was compl
:iconthegiingergal:TheGiingerGal 11 13
Mature content
Always Yours .:3:. :iconplagued-angel:plagued-angel 29 48
Mature content
Always Yours .:2:. :iconplagued-angel:plagued-angel 22 24
A Frerard Story Prt. 8
OHMYGOD!!! OHMYGOD!!! OHMYGOD!!! Gerard is coming to my house today. He actually is coming to my house. He is going to be in my room. Again.
I got up early and spend the whole morning cleaning my room. Picking up and throwing away things, making my bed, vacuming. I wanted my room to be spotless. I put up new posters on my wall just so that Gerard would see a little of what I liked. I even helped mom clean around the house.
Cleaning was exhausting. By the time that I had finished I decided to never do chores willingly ever again. Sweaty and tired I put on Iron Maiden and took a shower. Got dressed and put on cologne. I wore black skinny jeans, black and white Converse to match my Misfits shirt. Fixed my hair and went downstairs.
I sat on the couch and looked at the clock. 1:46. I was hungry but too tired to get up to eat something. I turned on the TV. Saw what was on and looked at the clock again. 1:59. Sigh. There was nothing to watch, Nothing to do. I turned off the TV and laid on the
:iconmotleyprincess:motleyprincess 34 35
Sleep 2 - Ferard
I opened the window in my car. The air just smelt so... gratifying. Nature was incredible, I loved the smell of nature. I arrived at Frank's place. I got out of my car and knocked on Frank's door. He opened the door rapidly and he smiled like a duck. I couldn't help but giggle. He put his arms out for a hug, and I reached in and hugged him. He felt so strong yet it was somewhat comfortable. We let go and I walked inside. The smell of Frank's Oder filled my nose as soon as I walked in. I secretly loved his sent. His smell was certainly better than mine. I got out the phone in my jacket pocket and handed it to Frank. He leisurely took it out of my hand.
"Take your shoes off, dude." He said sitting on the couch comfortably with his hands behind his head. Frank was wearing dark wash jeans with a dark green hoodie. Oh, and a black hat.
"Take your hat off, idiot." I laughed.
He jokingly pouted. "I like my hat!" and giggled. I smiled and took of my coat and hung it up on his coat hanger. His
:iconjanerrockssocks07:janerrockssocks07 13 6
TOHFMIY Sign :iconeilyn-chan:Eilyn-Chan 54 3
Mature content
Synacky - Frerard 58 xoxo :iconmcrmylifesupport:MCRmylifesupport 5 33
Mature content
Nothing Matters papercutsequel :iconkairix:Kairix 2 25
Mature content
Unfinished Frerard :iconiwantthefiction:IWantTheFiction 2 6
On Our Own 1
We're On Our Own; part 1
Pairing; Frerard
Summary; "-look, baby, this one's cheap!"
     Gerard and Frank, two weeks after the mention of getting a place, were alone in the Iero's apartment. Linda was out shopping for groceries, and the boys were having fun pretending.
     "Frankie, baby?" Gerard called out, "were's my coffee mug, sweetie?"
     Frank giggled at the nicknames that Gerard had been dropping around since Linda left. He hugged Gerard from behind, knowing he himself couldn't reach. "Top shelf," He whispered near Gerard's ear, standing on his toes to do so.
     Gerard snorted a little, aroused by the heavy breath on his neck. He reached up high and grabbed the farmiliar porcelean handle of his mug. He then twisted around, locking lips with Frank over his shoulder. Soon, Gerard pulled away, turned around, and forced Frank so he was against the counter. Frank giggled and hoppe
:iconbeyondebirthdai:BeyondeBirthdai 3 1
Can We Continue 3
Gerard's POV
I cried my eyes out as I watched Frankie drive off. I never wanted him to see that. He shouldn't have waited for me. Now he's never going to take me back. Fuck I'm so damn stupid! I shouldn't even be going out to clubs, getting drunk and fucking random people. The worst part is that it was a girl each time. I'm gay for god sakes!
No wonder frank said no, he knows im just a royal fuck up who won't get anywhere in life. I mean like come on, I'm sitting in my basement of a room at my parents, crying. I'm pathetic.
Frank deserves someone much better than me. Someone that can give him way more than I ever will. He needs someone that's not a social recluse and can show frank how special he is unlike me.
That's it! I'm going to change myself into someone that Frankie will absolutely love!
:iconpika-chika:pika-chika 6 519
Can We Continue 2
Frank's POV
Gerard had purposed to me a week ago and we haven't spoken since. I've been staying at my mother's the whole time. He knows that I'm trying to avoid him but he hasn't tried to talk to me so I don't care what he thinks right now. I have my very good reasons for turning him down…just reasons I'm not ready to tell him about yet. The only person that knows is my mother since she's involved too.
Gerard's mother says he thinks I don't love him and was just leading him on the whole time. That's so far from the truth that's funny. I've loved him since I was twelve, that's about nine years now. He's been my whole world for more. If that's not love than I don't know what is.
She also says he's started drinking and going out late and coming back at ungodly hours of the night. We both think he's sleeping with other people. Just 'cause I said no doesn't men we broke up…right?
I'm planning on waiting for him to get home tonight so we can talk 'because god k knows we have a lot
:iconpika-chika:pika-chika 6 14
Mature content
Honey Is For Bees: Chapter Two :iconxdaisydollx:xDaisyDollx 7 3
Laurence's Split Trousers :icondayofthebethan:DayOfTheBethan 9 79
Mature content
Spread 'Em :iconxdaisydollx:xDaisyDollx 20 9


Right I have a challenge for you lovely lot! 

I want a tattoo covered up!…;

This ^^^ If that worked?? 

It's basically "you cannot destroy me" with a load of swirls around it.

I love it, I love the quote. It's G.Way from LOTMS. Unfortunatley... I get A LOT   of innuendo about it.

I would love something large ish (it's on the very base of my neck, top of my spine), colourful, and would like something else MCR themed because I don't want to fully cover what it's all about. The theory was that it was about me fighting to get what I wanted, where I wanted, didn't get beat by bullies blah blah.

BUT... this is where I get stuck and need your guys help! 

Any thoughts or ideas welcomed!! 

And you know... If anyone would like to design I would try to do a story or a photo or something??? 


Thank you all :D 
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